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PosEmo and eduMeet at tnc22

PosEmo and eduMEET – case study of non-verbal communication booster in the web-conferencing world

It is much harder to track viewers’ attention and reactions when people are just thumbnails on a computer screen. Online tracking of people’s emotions and interests is now possible using the PosEmo. 

The demonstration, aimed at both general and technical audiences, will showcase functional aspects of eduMEET and PosEmo integration. This includes practical use cases, displayed in real-time on the screen, as well as possible audience interaction. The focus will also be on eduMEET current status and roadmap.

15.30 – 16.00 | Demonstration Area

See you in Triest!

Summary of the conference:

At TNC22 GÉANT conference we demonstrated integration of the PosEmo with EduMeet — an open-source videoconferencing tool!




TNC22 PosEmo page: