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PosEmo Box

PosEmo Box

The Box holds all the PosEmo power within its concise form. We will keep you posted on the developments of this precious package.


PosEmo meets eduMeet!

At TNC22 GÉANT conference we demonstrated integration of the PosEmo with EduMeet — an open-source videoconferencing tool

PosEmo UX Research

Are your customers excited about adding a card to your online service? Is that easy for them, or do they struggle? Find out about that with PosEmo for UX Research!

PosEmo Impact appearance

Impactful PosEmo

The PosEmo was presented at Impact’22 Congress as an idea of supporting psychological research and psychotherapy practice by the means of automated video analysis with AI algorithms.

Two people setting up PosEmo-Art

PosEmo-Art – Personalized artistic experience

behind artistic installations using PosEmo is that generative audio&video experiences can be quantified, and that the art recipients can have, thanks to that, even deeper interaction with creator’s intention. cooperation with Future Labs Team at Zwierzyniecka street in Poznan.