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PosEmo Box

PosEmo Box allows you to take PosEmo algorithms away from the desk. This convenient device can adapt to any environment to measure person’s interest and attitude. All of it’s remarkable features fit into a 12 x 9 x 9cm box.

How it works?

The core of our PosEmo Box is our original PosEmo algorithm. However, it could not work without a camera pointed at a persons’s face, constantly recognizing it’s expression. Thanks to the artificial intelligence it is able to determine whether a person is interested in a percieved object based solely on their face. Another feature is defining their attitude towards the object.

Flashing of one of the diodes signals any sudden drop in interest. This allows for a quick response in situations where a little interest could be dangerous, such as when driving a car. The exact levels of interest and attitude can be transmitted via one of the available ports, so it is possible to view and control them in real time.

Usage possibilities

  • vehicle driving
  • agriculture
  • usability research
  • work (self-)monitoring
  • scientific studies